When you buy a hot tub, all you want to do is jump straight in and enjoy it. But before you do, there are a few key hot tub accessories you should consider buying to complete your setup. 

Essential Hot Tub Accessories 

There are different types of hot tub accessories that serve different purposes. Some help you clean and maintain your hot tub, while others help keep you safe and comfortable while you soak your worries away. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some essential hot tub accessories to keep things clean, safe, and comfortable, so that you can get the most out of your investment. Let’s get started! 

Key Accessories for Hot Tub Maintenance 

To begin, you will need some equipment and accessories to help you keep up with regular hot tub maintenance – that is, if you plan to do the maintenance yourself. You can avoid having to purchase many of these items altogether by signing up for a hot tub maintenance service that includes water treatment, cleaning, repairs, and more. 

If you do plan to handle the maintenance yourself, you may need the following accessories to keep your water crystal clear: 

  • Hot Tub Filters: Hot tub filters come in a variety of specifications to suit hot tubs and swim spas of all sizes. Filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced completely at least once per year. 
  • A Floating Sanitizing System: These systems, like the ones from Frog®, kill bacteria in two ways, with minerals and SmartChlor. They float in the hot tub and are self-regulating for continuously clear water. Plus, they require 75% less chlorine! 
  • Hot Tub Chemicals: When it comes to hot tub chemicals, there are lots of different options to consider. We highly recommend O’Care products, as they contain far fewer chemicals than other spa care products, are easy to use, and provide all the benefits of a saltwater hot tub without the corrosion to pipes and mechanics of the tub.
  • Hot Tub Cleaning Tools: A few cleaning tools like a curved brush, scrubber, and skimmer will go a long way and make it easier to keep your hot tub sparkling clean.  


Keep Things Hot with a Hot Tub Cover 

Hot tub covers are very important considering the fact that heat rises, and the cover creates a crucial seal to keep your hot tub at the ideal temperature. Many covers are made out of regular vinyl with Styrofoam inside, but we recommend marine vinyl, or better yet, weathershield, which was developed to withstand more extreme conditions and protect from sun damage. At Aqua Clear Hot Tubs, all of our hot tubs come with weathershield covers included. 

When shopping for a hot tub, you should look for a hot tub cover with a min of 3” or 4” tapered foam, and one that has an insulated bumper down the middle of the fold for maximum heat retention. Another great feature to look for is a tight-fitting cover lock to form a protective seal to retain heat and to keep the water clean longer. Lastly, look for a cover that has locks for safety to help when no one is around.

Keep in mind that covers installed on cover lifters can also be used as a privacy wall or a wind break.

If you’re looking for a cover that will last as long as your hot tub and provide protection from weather and sun exposure in a luxurious and private gazebo setting, please take a look at our COVANA automated gazebos for hot tubs and swim spas. These state-of-the-art covers are a more significant investment than your average ones, but they create a unique soaking environment and come with a lifetime warranty.


Hot Tub Steps for Safety 

Hot tub steps are an important accessory for your safety and comfort. They allow you and your loved ones to get in and out of the hot tub more easily. This is especially important for children and older people. Most hot tub steps are also slip-resistant to help prevent accidents and injuries. 

Hot tub steps come in many different materials, including plastics and wood. Hard plastic resin hot tub steps are usually best because they are sturdy, water-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. 

Hot Tub Lighting to Set the Mood 

When it comes to hot tub lighting, it’s best to think about this from the start and choose a hot tub that comes with a built-in lighting system. 

For example, VitaSpa hot tubs (our personal favorite brand!) come with therapeutic AquaGlo lighting, including illuminated cup holders, illuminated controls, illuminated contoured pillows, and more. Systems like these allow you to choose between different light colors to help set the mood

We Have All the Hot Tub Accessories You Need! 

If you’re looking for great quality hot tub accessories or chemicals, look no further! We carry everything you need to get the most out of your hot tub and transform your backyard into an oasis. 

If you buy a hot tub or swim spa from Aqua Clear Hot Tubs, it will come with the following for FREE: 

  • A site assessment
  • An upgraded UV/OZONE cleaning system
  • A high-quality cover and cover lifter
  • Standard delivery and installation
  • 4 free water maintenance visits
  • Above and beyond customer service throughout the process! 

Whatever you’re looking for, simply schedule an appointment and we’ll help you create the perfect setup!