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Planning, buying, and installing a hot tub can be complicated and overwhelming. Let our experts guide you through the experience from start to finish so that you can kick back, relax, and have utmost confidence in your purchase.

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Buying a hot tub should add joy and relaxation to your life, so why not leave the stressful details up to us? We’ll help you find the perfect hot tub and get it set up properly so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. With our Aqua Clear Hot Tubs experts leading the way, you’ll:

Have Total Confidence in Your Hot Tub Purchase
Enjoy Stress-Free Planning & Installation
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Customized & Made-to-Order Hot Tubs

Vita Spa Cabaret


The Cabaret fits your friends and family in a space made for relaxing and spending time with others. Sit back and recover from the week in the company of others or on your own in this spacious spa.

Customize your Cabaret with the best options for you to create the perfect space for relaxing and recovering in your own backyard.

Vita Spa Envie


Enjoy a relaxing gathering or a night by yourself. It’s your choice with the Envie.

Customize your Envie with the options that best suit you and your lifestyle so you can experience superior relaxation.

Vita Spa Grand


The Grand is the perfect spa for fun conversations with friends and family in a relaxing setting where there’s plenty of room for everyone.

You can customize your Grand to best fit what your body needs for incredible rejuvenation every night.

Vita Spa Joli


Experience the massage your body needs to feel fully revived in the Joli. With four seats to choose from you can find the massage that will help you recover from the day.

Customize your Joli with the perfect options to help you find complete rejuvenation each and every night.

Vita Spa Monarque


When you sit back in the Monarque, you’ll instantly feel any stress leave your body as you take in a soothing massage that will leave you feeling refreshed.

You can customize your Monarque in a way that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs to help you find full rejuvenation so you can feel your best every day.

Vita Spa Mystique


Our fitness spa is designed to help you with active recovery and staying in shape so your body can feel its best no matter what. With easy-to-use exercise equipment, it’s no hassle to take the time you need to get in a good workout followed by incredible relaxation in one of this spa’s many seat options.

Customize your Mystique with your preferred options to create the perfect space for exercise, recovery and relaxation in your own backyard.

Vita Spa Prestige


Take time for yourself and enjoy an incredible full-body massage that will push all of your stress away as you leave the world behind for a while.

Customize your Prestige with the accessories that will allow you to fall into outstanding relaxation in your own backyard.

Vita Spa Rendezvous


Come together in the Rendezvous and enjoy the best in relaxation. The collection of jets featured in this spa work together to bring you full-body recovery whenever you need it.

Customize your Rendezvous according to your style and interests to create the perfect space for full-body recovery right in your backyard.

Vita Spa Riviera


Discover relaxation that feels like a true spa day with the Riviera. With multiple seats and jet arrangements, you can choose the best massage for your body.

Customize your Riviera to match your style and preferences for the ultimate backyard escape.

Vita Spa Salon


This dual lounge spa allows for two people to lay back and enjoy unparalleled full-body rejuvenation.

Customize your Salon with the options that will help you create the perfect space to relax and recover after a long day.

Vita Spa Sensation


Discover the perfect massage for your recovery needs. Find relaxation in the comfort of the Sensation, perfect for quiet nights alone or spent with friends.

Customize your Sensation with options that will create the perfect space for relaxing and recovering.

Vita Spa Trio


Enjoy a simple massage and relax in a comforting serenity that dissolves the world around you.

You can customize your Trio with the perfect options to suit you and your lifestyle.

Vita Spa Vivre


The Vivre has everything you need to recharge after a long day. Enjoy your choice of massage and lose yourself to the soothing touch of the jets and fall into relaxation.

You can customize your Vivre with many options so you can create the perfect relaxation and recovery space that is exactly what you need.

Three Simple Steps to Total Relaxation!

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You pick out your hot tub, we’ll do a site assessment and fully install your new tub.

Sit Back and Relax

Since we already filled your new hot tub and got the water chemistry right, it will be heated and ready to enjoy in 6 hours or so.

Enjoy a Crystal Clear Hot Tub for Years to Come
With Aqua Clear Hot Tubs, you will be regularly de-stressing, decompressing, and building connections in a high-quality hot tub that’s always clear and ready to enjoy. All the details will be taken care of for you — you’ll feel like your hot tub was there all along!