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We carry everything you need to maintain a clean and enjoyable hot tub, from hot tub chemicals to accessories and eveything in between.

Hot Tub Supplies & Services for Crystal Clear Water!

Our Hot Tub Serum chemicals will keep your spa water perfectly clean and ensure the sanitizers you use work to their maximum. In addition to hot tub supplies, we also offer reliable hot tub maintenance services so that you can leave the work to the experts and never stress about hot tub maintenance again!

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Leave the Work to Our Service Team
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The Best Solution for Natural Hot Tub Water
If you’re looking for more natural hot tub water, look no further than O-Care! O-Care uses far less chemicals than other spa care products and is very easy to use.

O-Care is a safe hot tub balancing solution that makes water maintenance simple.

This product provides all the benefits of a salt water hot tub without the corrosion to pipes and mechanics of the tub. Unlike saltwater, O’care can be used in any hot tub or swim spa. O-Care will leave your hot tub water silky smooth and crystal clear!
Less Chemicals

O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine needed by up to 78%. Chemicals can irritate eyes, ears, and skin, so O-Care is especially safe for children who love to swim underwater.

Feels Like Saltwater

O-Care uses high-quality mineral salts that leave your hot tub water crystal clear and your skin feeling soft and odorless. You won’t even need to shower after enjoying your hot tub!

Easy To Use

O-Care is a simple, two-part treatment. Simply add the two bottles to the hot tub water once a week with the provided measuring cups and the treatment will last 3 to 5 months!

Hot Tub Chemicals & Everything You Need


Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Spa Enzyme

Biodegrades Organic Wastes
Reduces Skin & Eye Irritation
Eliminates Scum and Waterline Buildup
Increases Sanitizer’s Effectiveness


Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Water Clarifier

Promotes Spa Clarity
Accelerates Filtration
Promotes Water Brilliance


Hi-Temp Spa Brominating Tabs

Small Bromine Tablets
Spa and Hot Tub Sanitizer


Hi-Temp Spa Bromine Reserve

Granular Sodium Bromide
Establishes a Reserve of Bromide In Spas and Hot Tubs


Hi-Temp Spa Filter Soak

Filter Cleaner
Cleans All Types of Filter Cartridges


Hi-Temp Spa Foam Out

Foam Reducer
Controls Spa Water Foaming


Hi-Temp Spa Gard

Sodium Di-Chlor
Granular Chlorine Sanitizer for Spas and Hot Tubs


Hi-Temp Spa Neutralizer

Sodium Thiosulfate
Lowers Chlorine Levels in Spas and Hot Tubs


Hi-Temp Spa Oxidizer

Potassium Monopersulfate
Non-Chlorine Shock for Spas and Hot Tubs


Hi-Temp Spa pH Decreaser

Sodium Bisulfate
Lowers Water pH and Alkalinity

Leisure Time

Leisure Time Free® System

Feel the difference with the Free Sanitizing System from Leisure Time® Spa. This biguanide-based sanitizing system is chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free and hassle-free! Long-lasting and effective, the Free system keeps water clean and clear. It’s the ideal solution for anyone with sensitive skin or for a spa owner looking for a fresh alternative to traditional sanitizers. Use the full range of Leisure Time Free® spa sanitizing solutions for a relaxing spa experience.

Leisure Time

Shocks & Sanitizers

  • Leisure Time® Brominating Granular
  • Leisure Time® Brom Tabs
  • Leisure Time® Renew® Granular
  • Leisure Time® Renew® Tabs
  • Leisure Time® Replenish
  • Leisure Time® Reserve
  • Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide
  • Leisure Time® Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules
  • Leisure Time® Spa Minerals

Leisure Time


  • Leisure Time® Alkalinity Increaser
  • Leisure Time® Calcium Booster
  • Leisure Time® Liquid Spa Down
  • Leisure Time® Liquid Spa Up
  • Leisure Time® pH Balance
  • Leisure Time® pH Balance Plus
  • Leisure Time® Spa Down
  • Leisure Time® Spa Up

Leisure Time


  • Leisure Time® Spa Algaecide
  • Leisure Time® Bright & Clear
  • Leisure Time® Enzyme
  • Leisure Time® Foam Down

Leisure Time

Stain & Scale

Leisure Time® Defender
Leisure Time® Metal Gon

Leisure Time


  • Leisure Time® Cover Care & Conditioner
  • Leisure Time® Filter Clean
  • Leisure Time® Instant Cartridge Clean
  • Leisure Time® Jet Clean


Aromatherapy Spa Crystals

Relax in your spa or bath with Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals!

Easy to use and available in a large variety of blends to provide stress therapy, sleep therapy, joint/muscle therapy, and more!

Aqua Clear Hot Tubs

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Filters

High quality filters in many specifications to fit a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas.

We offer many brands of spa filters, including Unicell.

FROG @ease

Floating Sanitizing System

For any hot tub up to 600 gallons. Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and SmartChlor. Self-regulating for continuous crystal clear water. Up to 75% less chlorine use with no yo-yo chlorine levels. Transforms your hot tub into Fresh Mineral Water. Floats in the hot tub – flips over when empty.


Evolution Automated Hot Tub Covers

The COVANA EVOLUTION offers the greatest
range of possibilities to fit larger and round hot tubs.


Oasis Automated Hot Tub Gazebo Covers

The Covana OASIS is not only a hot tub cover, it’s also an automated, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use gazebo!


Legend Automated Swim Spa Covers

With the Covana LEGEND, your swim spa will be more accessible and easier to use than ever!

Enjoy a Crystal Clear Hot Tub for Years to Come

With Aqua Clear Hot Tubs, you will be regularly de-stressing, decompressing, and building connections in a high-quality hot tub that’s always clear and ready to enjoy. All the details will be taken care of for you — you’ll feel like your hot tub was there all along!